So we now have our top 13...yes 13!  Here our Julie and Daphne with a rundown of the performances last night.

Jesse Langseth sang first, and was that a flub at the beginning? Holy short skirt batman! It was an ok performance, but a little whiney. Not good enough to make it through.




Matt Giraud stormed the stage next, and I do mean stormed!  Before the first note ended I know this was going to be way way better than the Coldplay fiasco.  If he sang like this the first time he may have won himself far more votes.  This was the Matt I prefer.  I liked this performance.  And I believe Julie and I both agree that it was a bit Justin Timberlake...and let's be honest, that is a great compliment to get.


Megan Corkrey was next with a little "Black Horse in a Cherry Tree".  This is the perfect song for Megan. It's a little different -but in a good way. She did a really nice job singing, last note wasn't on -but otherwise great!




Oh Von Smith.... From the first note I thought, "horrible".  I just don't dig this guy.  Although maybe it was a bit less annoying than last night's performance.  But maybe it was because it was far more depressing.  I don't think you did yourself any favors tonight Von.



Whoa Jasmine Murray pulled out the big guns tonight. This song calls for some serious range-and she took it on. She didn't kill it, but it didn't kill her either.