After Grand Ole Opry Night on Idol, Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, and Alexis Grace found themselves in the bottom three.  After performances from Country superstars Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and this week's mentor, Randy Travis, Alexis Grace learned she earned the lowest amount of votes.  Following a tease from the judges that they were considering saving Alexis, they decided her performance wasn't good enough and they sent Grace packing.  Here are our Idol Experts with their thoughts on the night.


The group song was fun, but the audio mix was horrible. The guys were way too overpowering. The Ford video was alright...I'm thinkin' that was a smart way to wash the car. I really liked the behind the scenes goodbye to Jasmine and Jorge. I gotta admit I fast forward through Paisley...cause I just don't care. I did actually watch Carrie and Randy's duet. Carrie sounded great, but Randy was just alright for me...I kinda wish they sang something more upbeat and fun.

I was seriously surprised to see Allison and Alexis in the bottom three, I think Michael deserved his spot...and also should have been the one going home. I was shocked that Alexis was the one with the fewest votes -another case of forgetting to vote for someone assumed to be safe I suspect. I'm not sure I agree with the judges' decision not to save her -but I understand that they might not want to use the save so early in the competition...especially when they're probably saving it for Danny, Lil, or Adam. I really hope Alexis does well in her career, I really like her and she left the show far too soon.


The group song was lame...what else is new?  The Ford Music video was so bad I couldn't watch it.  Brad Paisley wasn't as horrible as I was expecting...still not my kind of music though, and I'll be honest the only reason I watched him perform was because I was watching it live and couldn't pull a Julie and fast forward.  Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis...I knew on Tuesday when I logged into iTunes and saw Carrie and Randy rereleased Carrie's song as a duet that we'd be hearing it on Wednesday.  Carrie is, as always, fantastic.  I have stated several times that I am not a coutry fan, but I have both of her cds, and they are great albums.  And "I Told You So" is such a great song.  I was watching Randy while Carrie was singing, and the guy looked at her like he was so proud...that was sweet.  That is just one of the reasons why I like Mr Travis. 

As for the bottom three, no question that Allison was safe, and I can't believe she was even there in the first place.  Sarver should be the one going home, despite the touching father moment at the beginning of the show.  Alexis is too good to go now.  She may not have done great, but she has lots more talent than Sarver.  When the judges said they'd probably save one of them, I knew they'd save Alexis over Sarver.  I think she tried too hard while singing to save herself.  She sounded worse tonight than she did last night.  I am really sad to see her go though.  She had loads of talent in that little body, and Sarver doesn't deserve the spot.