The last time the Ravens swept the season series was 2006 when they won the AFC North. For that to happen again, they need to knock down the Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh in what some Ravens are calling the game of the centrury.

Jameel McClain, Ravens LB

"Talk about the game of the century, is that what it is."

Terrell Suggs, Ravens LB

" I guarantee that the world will stop for this game. There is the Super Bowl, then there is Ravens Steelers so everybody will be watching this game"

Other Ravens are more subdued with their assessment.

Jameel McClain, Ravens LB

"Man, its a football game against 2 teams that notoriously know what it is. we don't like them and they don't like us, its a battle."

In this matchup, defense will rule once again. Baltimore is number 1 in overall defense, Pittsburgh, number 2.

Ray Lewis, Ravens LB

"We understand that their defense is great and we come in we the same type of mentality on our defense so we put a chip on our shoulder as well."

Noise can be a factor too at a very loud and musical Heinz Field.

Ray Rice, Ravens RB

"They got their song, they got their terrible towel, its a tough place to play."

As for Suggs, he wants to deliver a message to the Steelers Hines Ward.

Terrell Suggs, Ravens LB

"I need you to play, I need you to play please. Put on that 86 and the smile and all that, the things you do. We need all that for this game."

It will be a tough test for the Ravens Sunday night, they have won just once in their past 6 trips to Heinz Field. In Maryland, Bill Toth Fox 43 sports."