Some small business owners in Downtown Lancaster are upset that members of the Occupy Lancaster movement continue to camp in front of their stores. The businesses sit along Gallery Row.

One business owner told Fox 43 although she agrees with the movement's overall message; she has concerns about what's happening locally. Kimyatta Williams says the occupiers' location is a contradiction to the movement's protest against corporate greed, as it sits across from several small businesses.

"I truly believe that everyone has the right to assemble, freedom of speech, religion all those I am pro for, however what about when it opposes my rights," said Williams. "I have the right to have my business in a prime real estate with great clientele and good customer service but not have to be distracted by drumming or yelling or the blowing of horns."

Moreover, Williams says as the days turn into weeks, she's losing money. She told Fox 43 one painting alone could pay her mortgage.

"Once the protests began, our customers start to leave," said Williams.

Protesters say they chose their location because they were able to set up tents and could be easily seen.

"This is a major route," Ryan Overly, Protester. " 222 is passing through here so we knew we would always have traffic beyond just Lancaster residents."

Protesters say they've already reached out to business owners and plan to continue to do so in the future.