This week Idol found Scott, Lil and Anoop in the bottom three.  After a close vote between Scott and Anoop, Scott was sent home.  Although the judges save came very close to being used, Simon made the final call and said goodbye to Scott.  Three performances from the night included Flo Rida, season 5 contestant Kellie Pickler, and a surprise performance from Frankie Avalon.  Here are our Idol Experts with their thoughts.


They started the show with a cute little thing on a song from Simon's birth year (1959)...amusing. Frankie Avalon stopped by and you could tell the judges were def caught by surprise.
The group song was absolutely almost made me want to see them lip-sync to the canned stuff again. I'm really not sure which is worse.

I liked seeing the behind the scenes on the Ford video, all that background stuff is really up my ally. It seemed like a fun shoot...and I'm sure Daphne loved that it was set to Britney's circus song.

It was cool that the judges got a chance to give their kudos to Adam, even though he gets praise all the time, he deserved his fair time that got cut off the night before.

I know next to nothing about Flo Rida, but I gotta admit I didn't hate it. It was actually kinda cool.

Kellie Pickler seemed like she was having a ball coming back to the Idol stage. She looks very different, but when she talks she's exactly the same girl. I liked the song, it was entertaining...but Kellie's singing was a little strained in places...and she has some crazy eyes.

Anoop went to the bottom three over Kris -as I predicted. I really think it had more to do with his fan base than his singing. Anoop def did better than Kris performance wise. I know that the judges were talking about Lil when they said they'd save only one of the bottom three. But next week she really has to show some originality. I think we all called Scott to be in the bottom three, even VFTW knew this guy was on his way out. There was no question between Anoop, Scott, and Lil that he would be the one to go home. The judges looked like they were tearing up trying to make the decision they knew they had to. There would be no point in saving Scott -because he'd just be sent home the following week. Paula had to add in her lots of love speech at the end so people didn't hate her, but ya know I agree with Simon on this one. There were just better singers and performers in the competition, and he just couldn't win this thing.