Three Lebanon County Fire Companies along with State Police spent Saturday morning searching for 55-year-old Hamdy Mohamed of Lebanon. Crews were on foot, in the water, and in the air.

Early Thursday morning, in an effort to get to work, Mohamed was traveling North on Route 72 at the Union Township, Swatara Township line. According to State Police about a foot of water was sweeping over the bridge at the time. Mohamed's vehicle stalled out. In attempt to get back to dry land, Mohamed got of his car. Two "good Samaritans" tried to assist Mohamed. Casey Kelley was one of them.

"He walked toward us, probably about five feet and he started to stumble," said Kelley. "I told him to hug the guardrail. So he had his torso, his head, and left arm above the water."

Kelley told Fox 43 he and another man pulled Mohamed for about two minutes. Mohamed eventually lost his footing, slipped under the guardrail, and was swept away by the water.

"We gave him the best fighting chance we could," said Kelley.

"One sense you're really proud and another sense you're scared and then it's really painful because you know what he's going through," said Rebecca Kelley, Casey's mother. "You have to imagine what he felt when he didn't succeed."

Search and recovery crews were not able to begin search efforts until Saturday as the water was too swift and large amounts of debris posed as a safety issue.

Crews searched from Route 72 to Racehorse Drive. Efforts ended shortly after 12 noon and will pick back up tomorrow morning.