After two weeks on the run, accused rapist, and former York City Police Officer Michael Johnson, Junior is spotted by authorities in New York.
40-year old Johnson was renting a room at a boarding house in Cohoes, just north of Albany. House manager James Cochran told officers he wasn't aware his newest tenant was a fugitive.

Cochran says, "I just rented a room to him on Saturday, they wanted me to come down and open the door for them and see if he was home. He came out the front door with me, seen them and went back in and shut the door and barricaded himself in there."

U.S. Marshals and a S.W.A.T. Team surrounded the home, then two gunshots rang out from inside; Johnson had taken his own life.

York County District Attorney Stan Rebert says, "eventually, S.W.A.T. entered the house and found Johnson deceased on the floor."

Johnson shot himself twice, once in the chest, once in the head.

Rebert says, "you have to believe his conscious was weighing on him and that's the way he decided to go."

York County officials were involved in the case every step of the way. They say the search went from Penn Township to Vermont then New York.
Johnson went to great lengths to escape the rape, kidnapping and impersonating a police officer charges against him. But for his alleged victims, justice will be bittersweet.

Rebert says, "there is justice in a sense because he'll no longer be able to do that to anyone, but you won't get to get justice in court."

U.S. Marshal, for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Michael Regan says, "we are happy that it's over, it's an unfortunate ending."

Police aren't sure why Johnson fled to New York, they don't believe he has any relatives there. They say did not try to cross into Canada.

If police determine someone was helping Johnson along the way, that person could face federal charges and up to five years in prison.