How many 11-year-old boys, these days, think about doing things for others, instead of for themselves?

"It's cause of life, you have to think of others at all times and not just yourself," Gerrit Erkan said.

Erkan from Manchester Township, York County, found the Pay it Forward team and suggested a family that he had heard of, but never met.

Gerrit said his sister told him about the family that moved in with the woman next door.

The Covert-Kohler family of a mom, dad and three children watched their trailer get swept away in Freysville, York County, by thrashing floods.

"It made me kinda feel like what would happen to me, if I would be in the situation, I wouldn't know what to do," said the 11-year-old.

This young boy doesn't know the family but can only think of them to give $200 to.

Jason Covert-Kohler is shocked that he would think of them, especially since he has never met Gerrit.

"We finally got at the stage where we got nice things built up, me and my wife worked for and just kinda flushed down the toilet, right down the creek," said Jason Cover-Kohler about the floods.

"People out of the blue just helping people out is awesome," said Jason.