Students at Penn State York react to the end of Joe Paterno's 60 plus years at Penn State. Many students told Fox 43 they're disappointed the scandal surrounding Jerry Sandusky fast tracked Paterno's decision to end his career.

"Every since I was born, he's always kind of been like a figure there," said Bryan Buckius, Penn State York Freshman. "So, it's definitely gonna be weird going to one of the games next year and having somebody else on the sidelines and making the calls, but I'm sure nobody will forget him, that's for sure."

Many students said they're confident this week's revelations will not tarnish their education. They said a bad light should not be cast on the entire institution based on the alleged actions of one person.

"I think it reflects poorly on the university but it doesn't define [it]," said Bethany Test, Penn State York Freshman. "It was just a bad decision on one person's part."