It's been six weeks since Occupy Lancaster formed its protest group. Shortly after members assembled, small business owner Kimyatta Williams voiced her concerns to Fox 43 News. She informed us that although she is for freedom of speech and assembly, she felt the group should visit various places throughout Lancaster, versus camping out across the street from her store, as it was deterring business. Monday Williams told Fox 43 the situation has gone from bad to worse.

"They're just looking at the eye sore now," said Kimyatta Williams, Simplicity Art Gallery Owner. "At night it looks pretty much like an abandoned tent city and random people holding signs during the day."

The occupiers' permit expires at the end of the year. However, occupiers may attempt to renew it, as they say more work needs to be done.

"We're still planning actions in terms of going to big corporate banks and saying to customers take your money out of these corporate banks and put them into local banks," said Curtis Jantzi, Occupy Lancaster Protester.

Williams would like the group to assemble at City Hall, instead of across the street from small businesses and non-profit organizations. Occupiers plan to stay the course, possibly making changes after the park permit expires.