The statewide smoking ban is set to take effect in
nine days.
But some businesses in our area still aren't sure how they'll be impacted.
Harrisburg International Airport has four smoking lounges inside the terminal, but once the ban goes into effect, they could be in jeopardy.
The lounges are enclosed glass rooms with their own ventilation systems.
They are where airport passengers and employees go to light up without leaving a cloud of secondhand smoke behind.
Hector Sabathie works at the McDonald's in the airport, he says, "the air's not hurting anybody, the smoke is staying in that room."
Hector enjoys a cigarette on his break.
He says it's quicker and easier than going outside, especially as we inch closer to cold weather."
He says, "In winter, it's very convenient to have it because no one wants to go outside and shiver when they smoke."
But that could happen when the smoking ban takes effect September 11th. It prohibits smoking in public places.
In a statement, airport spokesman Scott Miller says, "we hope they stay in place because they are a customer service. we have had no complaints about them in the four years they've been here."
At this point, the airport has not been told whether or not the lounges must close.
The law is not specific about smoking lounges.