The manhunt for a New York couple accused of kidnapping their 8 children from a foster home is over. The pair, along with their 8 children, were found in a van in the 1700 block of Berry Hill Street in Harrisburg late Monday night. The eight kids, 7 boys and a girl, ranging in age from 11 years old to 11 months are in good shape. Their parents, 28 year old Shanel Nadal and the father 34 year old Nephra Payne are now in police custody at the Harrisburg City police station, awaiting extradition back to New York Harrisburg. Police were tipped off about the couples whereabouts late Monday night.

The manhunt for the couple began a week ago when Nadal was on a supervised visit with the children at a foster care agency in New York City. Reports say the person supervising the visit had stepped out of the room for a few minutes when Nadal slipped the 8 children out the back door and took off. The manhunt stretched all the way from New York to South Carolina.

The children were reportedly taken from the parents because of abuse allegations. Harrisburg City police could not confirm those allegations. However, police saying, the capture last night went down without incident.

Overnight, Nadal was arraigned and is facing charges committed outside of the Pennsylvania jurisdiction. She is in Dauphin County prison on $200,000 bail and is awaiting extradition back to New York.