A Cumberland County borough is getting a facelift, nearly 5 years after a devastating fire.

The fire happened in the 300-block of Market Street on January 20th, 2004.  The flames destroyed part of a landmark building and left 6 businesses displaced.

"The people who had businesses there were just in tears," said Susan West who lives in Lemoyne.

Lemoyne Borough Council has a plan to revamp the area around the once burned building.

People gathered at Wray Music House to see plans for the 5 phase project.  Phase 1 starts in the 300-block of Market Street.

"This is the heart of Lemoyne, it is the heart of the business district and we want our businesses to prosper," said Shireen Farr, Borough Council President.

The project includes everything from new sidewalks and benches to trees and lighting.  

"We are ecstatic, you drive through New Cumberland and Camp Hill and there is this stop,"  said Jennifer DeStefano, owner of Wray Music House.