State Representative Mike Turzai wants to make the sale of liquor in Pennsylvania private, with his House Bill 11.

But Auditor General Jack Wagner says if it isn't broke, why fix it?

" This proposal is to sell an asset that has worked well and has been improved significantly for the past several decades," says Wagner

He says in his analysis he`s looked at the liquor stores inside out and backwards, and that it`s one of the very few profit making ventures in Pennsylvania State Government.

Turzai says the sales of the licenses would bring in about a billion dollars for the state and a bigger selection for customers. And that government should not be in the business of selling booze.

Wagner, disagrees

"The PLCB is the largest purchaser of wine and spirits so therefore, they get some pretty good deals, and it`s hard to believe a private entity would get the deals the PLCB gets," says Wagner

He says the PLCB is not without fault. They need to be modernized and create greater convenience for customers.