Hollywood week is here for Idol and the biggest issue this year seemed to be song choice. Vocal coaches stressed the importance of choosing the song that was right for them and the kind of artist they want to be. Did all 147 contestants listen? Not so much. Some broke under the pressure and were sent packing, while others were able to stay another day to prove that they are the next American Idol.

Although no one can come close to my favorite Idol contestant from last season, winner David Cook, I have a few favorites that are leading the pack this year. San Francisco auditioner Adam Lambert has an oh so charming smile with a decent voice and Anne Marie Boskovich who we met in Jacksonville, seems like the girl next door with a powerful voice. Others I like include best friends Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers who auditioned in Kansas City and David Osmond (yes, a son of one of the Osmonds). Along with the good, must come the bad. My least favorite contestant this season is bikini girl, Katrina Darrell. I agree with what Kara has to say about her, and the fact that she has made out with Ryan TWICE already is insane! Who knows what else we will see her do in the weeks to come. Third times a charm, so Ryan, better watch out!

To check out more on my favorites and yours, go to http://www.americanidol.com/hollywood_week/a_ce. You can find photos, videos, and more to keep "in tune" with the contestants!