40 year old Michael Johnson, Junior, of Hanover, is now facing multiple counts of rape, impersonating a police officer and indecent assault. He was arrested last week for the rape and kidnapping of a woman in Baltimore, now he is charged with similar crimes in York.
Authorities say in September, Johnson picked up two different women and agreed to pay them for sex. Money was never exchanged, instead each victim says Johnson handcuffed them inside a mini van and forced them to have sex with him, all while pretending to be a police officer.
Investigators say he showed the women a badge and a gun and told them if they didn't comply, he would take them to jail. One incident happened near the intersection of Madison Avenue and Belvidere Street, the other took place on the same day in the 1000 block of West Princess Street.
York County District Attorney Stan Rebert says, "I think it's certainly arguable that we have a serial rapist here and we'd certainly treat it as such."
Johnson was supposed to surrender to police Tuesday morning, but never showed up.
York City Police Commissioner Mark Whitman says, "as a former police officer he knows the value of turning himself in and getting out in front of this thing."
Rebert says, "flight is evidence of guilty knowledge, that's a concept of law we use all the time, that indicates he has something to hide, he is guilty of a crime."
Johnson is considered armed and dangerous. He was last seen driving a 2006 blue Chevy Cobalt sedan. It has a Masonic Lodge license plate with PA registration MB11785.
Police say the longer Johnson is on the run the worse it will get for him. He could also face escape charges. If you come in contact with him you are urged not to approach him, simply call police.