Parts of Adams County Tuesday were underwater for the second time in less than a week. Residents told Fox 43 Route 116 at Maple Street was covered by a foot of water Tuesday morning. This comes just days after Friday's flash flood.

Weaver's Hardware store sits along Route 116. When its co-owner arrived to work, there were inches of water on the floors. Mike Weaver mopped the floors and placed fans in aisles. He also placed buckets around his store to catch water that seeped in from the ceiling.

"I took a snow shovel and forced it out the front door," said Weaver. "Then I used my shock vac to vacuum it up. Mop it up."

The basement of a rental property that also sits alongside Route 116 was filled with five feet of water. The owner told Fox 43 he's emptied the basement four times this September. He's also paid for a furnace control box four times and has incurred a $2,000 expense.

There were several water rescues Tuesday as people tried to drive through high rising water.