First 12 Idols show their stuff!

Julie Heart

February 18, 2009



The first round of 12 to perform for the judges. They're singing against the odds for the top male and female spot -plus the third best and the wild card slot.

Tonight was the first time America got to vote for contestants.





Yes and already, the fans are annoyed...okay, Daphne is annoyed.  They put all but one of my favorite contestants in one group, and put them up against "Golden Boy Gokey".  The only contestant in this group I long to see fail is of course Tatiana.  I like too many people here.  I hope to see Anne Marie and Anoop in the top 12 somewhere, because they are my favorites, but I don't know if we will see my hopes fulfilled.


I totally agree with you on this group, I was surprised by all the people they put in the first 12 for only 4 spots. Well, at least we're not alone Daphne.  We have Artie and Dancer X joining us.




Sup, fans?  I have to join in with Daphne here.  I have a few issues too.  I hate the way they set up the show so Seacrest's interview with their loved ones was interrupted by the arrival of the performer to their seat. Annoying, disjointed, and distracting. Please fix this before next week Idol producers.  Second, I love Kara. Even when I disagreed with her, I enjoyed her input. And because of that, I can't tell you how many times I fast-forwarded the DVR through Paula's comments. The calculated attempt by the producers to rid themselves of her crazy rambles continues, right on schedule. When you plop Paula next to Kara, it's like you're looking at a normal, productive person sitting next to a funhouse mirror that renders the insane image into an equally nutty personality. Everybody enjoy Paula while you can, cuz she's on the way out, y'all.  Third, I'm already tired of everyone being compared to previous Idol contestants. "You remind me of Kelly Clarkson."  And finally, what the heck was with Neil Patrick Harris hangin' out with Ted Freakin' Danson?

I think Doogie Howser just needed a drink from Sam Malone at Cheers.





What an odd couple. I imagine it was because Barney Stinson* was trying to mack on some hot Idol losers, post-show  *(Barney Stinson is NPH's character on How I Met Your Mother.)




Dancer X is eager to dig into the heart of the competition.





I agree Dancer X, and thanks for being here guys!  So we got a lot to get through -so let's get started!



First up tonight was Jackie Tohn.  I first have to say I was not digging the outfit.  It looked like she dug through Katy Perry's closet before hitting the stage.  I like her better the more I hear from her, but most definitely not my favorite.  She tends to get a little out of control at times I think...that may or may not be a good thing.  I think if she toned everything down she might have been better.


Jackie certainly looked like she was having fun singing...but I wasn't *satisfied* with the performance. It was all a little weird for me, a little indulgent. I do like Jackie though...this was just too much for me. The judges seemed to have love for her, except for Simon who I agreed with.



She was not good, dude. More like Jackie Tone-deaf! Or Jackie Groan. From the trashbag pants to the yelpy, untrained shouting that she unleashed on an unwisely-chosen Elvis song, the complete package of what not to be for Idol contestants. Great job. Way to be a cautionary tale. Enjoy your complimentary earphones on the plane ride home.



 Jackie Tohn kicks off the night with the odd reveal that she steals her wardrobe from the touring company of Grease II. Not even regular Grease. What a mess.



Ricky Braddy was the next to perform, and we haven't heard from this guy much before now.  So he needs to be super good to get through.  Within seconds all I could think was this dude is boring.  And I kept that thought alive to the end.



I don't remember this guy at all. He looks like he's trying to pull off the "hot nerd" look in his picture. He has a nice voice, but I don't like the song he picked. He doesn't sound current. So far Simon and I are on the same page -not much star quality with this one.



Ricky Braddy. Dude. I don't agree with the judges here. I'm not a fan chump. When the judges tell you that your high-point was during Hollywood week, guess what... That's a BAD thing. I guess that means you peaked a bit too early, sir. This dude had some weird breathing issues. For me, he was like a C-grade knock-off of Clay Aiken. And the fact that his parents' names are Vickie and Ricky... No, thanks. Next, please.


Dancer X can't even remember this performer. He is either Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater or Gob from Arrested Development. Neither are known for singing. The judges liked him, but Dancer X can't see him continuing on.


Alexis Grace came out and blew us away.  I really liked Alexis with this song. She was fun and sassy and as Randy said "she really worked it out". It was interesting seeing how confident she was singing, and then nervous in front of the judges -until she got top marks from Simon.



I really like her!  She has got a lot of soul in that little body.  She looks awesome and sounds great.  And to top it all off, the judges love her.  If she doesn't get voted into the top 12, I am predicting that she is one of the wild card picks.



Alexis Grace is awesome. I think that if the public vote doesn't put her through, she'll get some Wild Card help from the judges. I might even like her more than Boskavich! Yikes! It's a bit early to call that, but we'll see how the season plays out. She's officially hot stuff, dogg. It's about time that pink hair thing works for SOMEBODY on Idol! If I were a Idol-votin' guy, she'd have gotten mine for the night. Word.


Finally, someone Dancer X could actually listen to! She has a good look and a good sound. It is still too early in the episode for Dancer X to rank her, but Dancer X will definitely keep her in mind.



Next up we have the very cute Brent Keith.  You know those country chicks are gonna love this guy. He's cute and he can sing. I however am not a country girl -so I'll hold out for Danny Gokey. Not enough risks, we'll see if he gets the reward.



He was okay...but not great.  He didnn't seem to have the power to get him through that song.  He's trying, but not quite getting there.  He has talent...just not good enough.




Brent Keith, eh? Ok... I guess I'll give him props for embracing what he wants to become, but it didn't do him any favors. I don't have a hate-on for him like ol' D-X, but I don't think he's gonna make it through. This performance was lacking energy, amongst other things, and will be the last time we hear him sing anything. And you KNOW that when the most entertaining part of your segment is Simon Cowell's asking "What HAS happened to Bucky Covington?" then you're in trouble.


Dancer X is really, really hoping we can go a year without filling the Good Ol' Southern Boy stereotype. We all know what guys like this are going to do... lope out on to center stage, wrap themselves in the flag, and ape Toby Keith. This guy can't even come up with a different last name. Yee-haw.


Oh Stevie Wright was next and man was I disappointed.  I really liked this girl during her audition, but she didn't do so hot.  There were some bad notes in there.  She still has a really nice voice, she just didn't do so good with that song.  Maybe she should have stuck to the older stuff the judges told her to get away from, it might have been better.



Wow Stevie I liked you before...but you straight up sucked. She started off bad and it didn't get much better. I'm not sure if it was a breathing issue or what, but she never seemed to give it enough. I hated her singing a Taylor Swift song, I wish she had chosen something harder and with more soul.



Stevie Wright. Dude. This little chick is going to be bawling in her room with her big fluffy pink pillow for a long, long time because of the way she blew this song. Oucha! Easily the worst of the night. Not even Paula could muster a nice comment on this one, and neither can I. Have fun babysitting for money and getting teased/admired for having bombed out in Season 8 of Idol.



Is this girl even saying anything? Dancer X suspects she is merely mouthing along. At least, Dancer X hopes she did. Her vocals are just a disaster. She is not ready for the Big Show. A shame. And she dressed up like a Bangle and everything.


Anoop in da house!  Even though he was sharp for the entire song, Anoop is miles above the rest. He's already got the fan-base, and we better have more of this dude this season. He's a contender. And I actually liked the song choice for him because it showed a little bit of depth for me. Sweetness.



I love Anoop, he's so cute...in an awkward way. This was a great song for his voice, you could really feel the smoothness, and he could put some emotion into it. Besides having a guy singing a girl's song makes it more original. It wasn't his best performance, but it was still good.



 One of two people I was most excited about seeing/hearing tonight.  I wasn't blown away by his performance.  I think it might have been the song.  I wanted to see more from him than a sappy slow song.  But you can tell he has a fantastic voice.  I love this guy, and I hope he sticks around.



Ah, another star in the making. Every time Dancer X sees Anoop, Dancer X thinks he just walked off the set of Scrubs. And then he delivers this deeply soulful performance. Anoop is one to watch. Dancer X is not sure that this song was indicative of Anoop's talent, but Dancer X wants to hear more.


Up next, Casey Carlson.  Casey is one of the prettiest girls on the show I think, but I'm not sure if we'll ever see her again after that performance. She was way over the top with her moves and looks at the camera -it just came off as goofy.



She has a really nice early Mandy Moore sound to her, but she annoys me in the way she acts, and the expressions she has on her face.  Every time I looked at her, something annoyed me...probably those winks and weird faces.  And she was totally flat through the entire song.  She did not do herself any favors tonight.



Is there an award for the night where the most ditzy girls come out and fall flat on their faces? If so, tonight must be some kind of Olympic-level record. Dancer X is always happy to welcome another bouffant lover to the fold though.



Bash time. Casey Carlson sucked. The only thing more painful than her butchering of that Police song was when Randy chimed in and started singing "everything about that was wrong" when Kara was giving her critique. Seriously... She snuck up behind that song, slit its throat and left it for dead on the stage. Time for this murderer to go home.


Michael Sarver was the next to disappoint Dancer X.  Hooray. Another Big Galoot who can barely fit into his Jesus Jammies, onstage to warble country cliches and ride pseudo-patriotism all the way to the Top Six. Because that's what happens to these guys. They undeservedly take the America train well beyond their stop, and then get summarily dismissed once the toothless fanbase gradually forgets that Idol is on through May and Turkey Season has started. Oh, but he's "a good honest guy." Very well. Go be a good guy on another competition.


I think he had a good song choice.  I really like this guy.  While he wasn't as "entertaining" as Jackie Tohn, he definitely put on a good show.  I think people are going to like him a lot.  Although, I don't think he is the best talent on the show, by far.



So, in sharp contrast to Anoop, Michael is likeable but not good. And being out of tune for a lot of the song will not be able to be overlooked. He will not skate through on likeablility. Back to roughing up necks or whatever the heck it is you do, dogg.



This was the great song for Michael to sing. It really said exactly what he wanted to tell people about himself. The only problem I saw was that he really came off as nervous in his performance -a little shaky and the mic passing back and forth was a little weird. 


Anne Marie Boscovich hit the stage next.  She looked so natural on the stage, and so far, I think her performance sounded the least karaoke...I didn't like that she chose that song because it is so overdone, but she showed that she had a lovely voice, and that she can sing.  She just isn't a power house, and I think that is where the song hurt her.



I was surprised by her song choice, it wasn't the best we've heard from her. Her performance was also a little weird, it sounded like she was just yelling sometimes. She wasn't bad, it just wasn't right for her first night on Idol.




A spectacular flameout from an early favorite. This is unfortunate. "Natural Woman" is so overdone as to be entirely useless, and the judges really let her have it. What's next, "Fever"? Dancer X is not even sure she knows how to hold the mic. And it is far too early to squabble with the judges as she did. Can we not judge Anne Marie solely on her blue dress and slide her along through?


BOSKAVICH! Weird song choice, but I liked her performance a lot. Even putting looks aside, which I normally don't do, I thought this was hot. I'll admit that she hit a clam or two near the end, but I still want to hear (and see) more of her. And when she said "I sat on the hard thing" and Seacrest was floundering to not make fun of her, I was entranced. Top-shelf hilarity. Great that he just gave up and went straight to spouting her number so he could get out of it. Live television is fun.

Stephen Fowler is going to try to remember the lyrics when he performs next.  Rock with you? Seriously? After hearing everything the judges have said about song choice, and that's what you picked? He got a second chance in Hollywood, and I'm doubting he'll get a third. His voice wasn't bad, but he's not gonna make it to the top 12.



He is a good singer, but another one that just bores me to death.  I actually zoned out while he was singing.  And singing Michael Jackson is like the girls trying to sing Whitney.  Just a typical performance...so boring...Better luck next time dude.



Steven Fowler. Poor dude was disappointing. I was hoping he'd be this season's fun guy, but turns out he's just one of this round's casualties. I mean...really? You had the guts to take on Michael Jackson? Really? Really. REALLY? Ugh. You wanna rock wit' me? I'm sorry, Steven, but I do not return the feeling.



Dancer X has difficulty imagining a moment where that song is enjoyable, and Stephen certainly did not change Dancer X's opinion. The performance was cheesy.  Tatiana Del Torro,  go away. Go away hard. You are a complete mess obviously drunk on notoriety. Every year we get these Distraction Candidates who play the show's game instead of bringing their top performances. Unfortunately, occasionally they win, like Fantasia did. And Dancer X is certainly not cool with the unflattering begging... not to mention the unflattering sundress.

GO HOME CRAZY!  It is so funny that her accent comes and goes sometimes.  The first thing she did wrong was picking a Whitney song.  Sad thing is she wasn't the worst of the night, but not in anyway one of the best either.  I agree with the judges, she can sing at times...but she needs to tone things down a lot.



Tatiana Del Toro. This chick is a classic trainwreck. Her good moments are eerie and scary because they show us that she has SOME talent buried somewhere under all the crazy. And seeing that shine through has a haunting feeling. And, she didn't "rough this thing up" as Randy was right to think she might. She did rather well in her vocal, but I'm not sure what'll happen with her. I can't stand her, personally, but I think she might eek through somehow after her performance. And, by the way... You KNOW you've got problems when Paula "Absolutely Insane" Abdul thinks you crazy.


I think this is the most composed we've seen Tatiana, she usually seems like she's falling apart into giggles or crying. I was prepared to hate on her, but she didn't suck. She wasn't completely amazing, but there were some moments that she did really well.  And finally, looks like Idol saved the best for last.  Danny Gokey could sing the phonebook and we'd love him. He's just such a fantastic singer -such range and control with his voice. He really knows how to connect to a song, but singing Hero actually had meaning to him, so it came through even more.

 Is it just me or did this guy already win this contest?  Unless he pulls a Chris Daughtry and is expected to win and then only comes and fourth while Taylor Hicks (or in this case Nick Mitchell) claims the win.  Definitely the best performance of the night.  But, I think I feel the same as Simon..."I like you, but I am not buying the hype right now"...I think that is how I feel.  I like him, but I am not jumping on that bandwagon just yet.


Danny Gokey. I was worried when I heard Robert Downey, Jr here was singing Mariah, because I have a serious hate-on for her, plus her songs tend to be contestant-killers. But Gokey, or Goku as I like to call him, went Super-Saiyan with this song. And for those of you who don't watch DragonBall Z, (most of you) that means that he was White Hot/Off the Hook/Totally Awesome.



How can the show already have a runaway favorite?!? Astonishing. Dancer X is already roadweary of Gokey's Story (with a capital S), but he undeniably looks and sounds good. The producers know this and that's why he was given the plum position of the night.




OK, so I think Danny Gokey will be the top vote for the guys, and Alexis Grace will pull the girl vote. As much as I hate her Tatiana wouldn't surprise me with the third vote-people love the crazy. Finally I predict Anoop will get the save as the Wild Card.



Who would I like to see go through: Anne Marie, Anoop Desai, and Alexis Grace.  Who I think will get the top three spots:  Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Anoop Desai.




My predictions for tonight: Gokey, Anoop, and Anne Marie grab the three safe spots, with Alexis getting scooped out of obscurity by the judges' Wild Card nod.




Dancer X's picks are Anoop, Gokey and Anne Marie. Anne Marie is largely getting a pass based on previous Idol episodes. Dancer X would go for Alexis as an alternate. Are we allowed to pick alternates? What if Anoop gets hit by a car or something?



Remember to watch tonight to see who really does get booted and who stays!  See you tomorrow Idol Fans!