How can the show already have a runaway favorite?!? Astonishing. Dancer X is already roadweary of Gokey's Story (with a capital S), but he undeniably looks and sounds good. The producers know this and that's why he was given the plum position of the night.




OK, so I think Danny Gokey will be the top vote for the guys, and Alexis Grace will pull the girl vote. As much as I hate her Tatiana wouldn't surprise me with the third vote-people love the crazy. Finally I predict Anoop will get the save as the Wild Card.



Who would I like to see go through: Anne Marie, Anoop Desai, and Alexis Grace.  Who I think will get the top three spots:  Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Anoop Desai.




My predictions for tonight: Gokey, Anoop, and Anne Marie grab the three safe spots, with Alexis getting scooped out of obscurity by the judges' Wild Card nod.




Dancer X's picks are Anoop, Gokey and Anne Marie. Anne Marie is largely getting a pass based on previous Idol episodes. Dancer X would go for Alexis as an alternate. Are we allowed to pick alternates? What if Anoop gets hit by a car or something?



Remember to watch tonight to see who really does get booted and who stays!  See you tomorrow Idol Fans!