He is a good singer, but another one that just bores me to death.  I actually zoned out while he was singing.  And singing Michael Jackson is like the girls trying to sing Whitney.  Just a typical performance...so boring...Better luck next time dude.



Steven Fowler. Poor dude was disappointing. I was hoping he'd be this season's fun guy, but turns out he's just one of this round's casualties. I mean...really? You had the guts to take on Michael Jackson? Really? Really. REALLY? Ugh. You wanna rock wit' me? I'm sorry, Steven, but I do not return the feeling.



Dancer X has difficulty imagining a moment where that song is enjoyable, and Stephen certainly did not change Dancer X's opinion. The performance was cheesy.  Tatiana Del Torro,  go away. Go away hard. You are a complete mess obviously drunk on notoriety. Every year we get these Distraction Candidates who play the show's game instead of bringing their top performances. Unfortunately, occasionally they win, like Fantasia did. And Dancer X is certainly not cool with the unflattering begging... not to mention the unflattering sundress.

GO HOME CRAZY!  It is so funny that her accent comes and goes sometimes.  The first thing she did wrong was picking a Whitney song.  Sad thing is she wasn't the worst of the night, but not in anyway one of the best either.  I agree with the judges, she can sing at times...but she needs to tone things down a lot.



Tatiana Del Toro. This chick is a classic trainwreck. Her good moments are eerie and scary because they show us that she has SOME talent buried somewhere under all the crazy. And seeing that shine through has a haunting feeling. And, she didn't "rough this thing up" as Randy was right to think she might. She did rather well in her vocal, but I'm not sure what'll happen with her. I can't stand her, personally, but I think she might eek through somehow after her performance. And, by the way... You KNOW you've got problems when Paula "Absolutely Insane" Abdul thinks you crazy.


I think this is the most composed we've seen Tatiana, she usually seems like she's falling apart into giggles or crying. I was prepared to hate on her, but she didn't suck. She wasn't completely amazing, but there were some moments that she did really well.  And finally, looks like Idol saved the best for last.  Danny Gokey could sing the phonebook and we'd love him. He's just such a fantastic singer -such range and control with his voice. He really knows how to connect to a song, but singing Hero actually had meaning to him, so it came through even more.

 Is it just me or did this guy already win this contest?  Unless he pulls a Chris Daughtry and is expected to win and then only comes and fourth while Taylor Hicks (or in this case Nick Mitchell) claims the win.  Definitely the best performance of the night.  But, I think I feel the same as Simon..."I like you, but I am not buying the hype right now"...I think that is how I feel.  I like him, but I am not jumping on that bandwagon just yet.


Danny Gokey. I was worried when I heard Robert Downey, Jr here was singing Mariah, because I have a serious hate-on for her, plus her songs tend to be contestant-killers. But Gokey, or Goku as I like to call him, went Super-Saiyan with this song. And for those of you who don't watch DragonBall Z, (most of you) that means that he was White Hot/Off the Hook/Totally Awesome.