Ah, another star in the making. Every time Dancer X sees Anoop, Dancer X thinks he just walked off the set of Scrubs. And then he delivers this deeply soulful performance. Anoop is one to watch. Dancer X is not sure that this song was indicative of Anoop's talent, but Dancer X wants to hear more.


Up next, Casey Carlson.  Casey is one of the prettiest girls on the show I think, but I'm not sure if we'll ever see her again after that performance. She was way over the top with her moves and looks at the camera -it just came off as goofy.



She has a really nice early Mandy Moore sound to her, but she annoys me in the way she acts, and the expressions she has on her face.  Every time I looked at her, something annoyed me...probably those winks and weird faces.  And she was totally flat through the entire song.  She did not do herself any favors tonight.



Is there an award for the night where the most ditzy girls come out and fall flat on their faces? If so, tonight must be some kind of Olympic-level record. Dancer X is always happy to welcome another bouffant lover to the fold though.



Bash time. Casey Carlson sucked. The only thing more painful than her butchering of that Police song was when Randy chimed in and started singing "everything about that was wrong" when Kara was giving her critique. Seriously... She snuck up behind that song, slit its throat and left it for dead on the stage. Time for this murderer to go home.


Michael Sarver was the next to disappoint Dancer X.  Hooray. Another Big Galoot who can barely fit into his Jesus Jammies, onstage to warble country cliches and ride pseudo-patriotism all the way to the Top Six. Because that's what happens to these guys. They undeservedly take the America train well beyond their stop, and then get summarily dismissed once the toothless fanbase gradually forgets that Idol is on through May and Turkey Season has started. Oh, but he's "a good honest guy." Very well. Go be a good guy on another competition.


I think he had a good song choice.  I really like this guy.  While he wasn't as "entertaining" as Jackie Tohn, he definitely put on a good show.  I think people are going to like him a lot.  Although, I don't think he is the best talent on the show, by far.