Oh Stevie Wright was next and man was I disappointed.  I really liked this girl during her audition, but she didn't do so hot.  There were some bad notes in there.  She still has a really nice voice, she just didn't do so good with that song.  Maybe she should have stuck to the older stuff the judges told her to get away from, it might have been better.



Wow Stevie I liked you before...but you straight up sucked. She started off bad and it didn't get much better. I'm not sure if it was a breathing issue or what, but she never seemed to give it enough. I hated her singing a Taylor Swift song, I wish she had chosen something harder and with more soul.



Stevie Wright. Dude. This little chick is going to be bawling in her room with her big fluffy pink pillow for a long, long time because of the way she blew this song. Oucha! Easily the worst of the night. Not even Paula could muster a nice comment on this one, and neither can I. Have fun babysitting for money and getting teased/admired for having bombed out in Season 8 of Idol.



Is this girl even saying anything? Dancer X suspects she is merely mouthing along. At least, Dancer X hopes she did. Her vocals are just a disaster. She is not ready for the Big Show. A shame. And she dressed up like a Bangle and everything.


Anoop in da house!  Even though he was sharp for the entire song, Anoop is miles above the rest. He's already got the fan-base, and we better have more of this dude this season. He's a contender. And I actually liked the song choice for him because it showed a little bit of depth for me. Sweetness.



I love Anoop, he's so cute...in an awkward way. This was a great song for his voice, you could really feel the smoothness, and he could put some emotion into it. Besides having a guy singing a girl's song makes it more original. It wasn't his best performance, but it was still good.



 One of two people I was most excited about seeing/hearing tonight.  I wasn't blown away by his performance.  I think it might have been the song.  I wanted to see more from him than a sappy slow song.  But you can tell he has a fantastic voice.  I love this guy, and I hope he sticks around.