Jackie Tohn kicks off the night with the odd reveal that she steals her wardrobe from the touring company of Grease II. Not even regular Grease. What a mess.



Ricky Braddy was the next to perform, and we haven't heard from this guy much before now.  So he needs to be super good to get through.  Within seconds all I could think was this dude is boring.  And I kept that thought alive to the end.



I don't remember this guy at all. He looks like he's trying to pull off the "hot nerd" look in his picture. He has a nice voice, but I don't like the song he picked. He doesn't sound current. So far Simon and I are on the same page -not much star quality with this one.



Ricky Braddy. Dude. I don't agree with the judges here. I'm not a fan chump. When the judges tell you that your high-point was during Hollywood week, guess what... That's a BAD thing. I guess that means you peaked a bit too early, sir. This dude had some weird breathing issues. For me, he was like a C-grade knock-off of Clay Aiken. And the fact that his parents' names are Vickie and Ricky... No, thanks. Next, please.


Dancer X can't even remember this performer. He is either Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater or Gob from Arrested Development. Neither are known for singing. The judges liked him, but Dancer X can't see him continuing on.


Alexis Grace came out and blew us away.  I really liked Alexis with this song. She was fun and sassy and as Randy said "she really worked it out". It was interesting seeing how confident she was singing, and then nervous in front of the judges -until she got top marks from Simon.