What an odd couple. I imagine it was because Barney Stinson* was trying to mack on some hot Idol losers, post-show  *(Barney Stinson is NPH's character on How I Met Your Mother.)




Dancer X is eager to dig into the heart of the competition.





I agree Dancer X, and thanks for being here guys!  So we got a lot to get through -so let's get started!



First up tonight was Jackie Tohn.  I first have to say I was not digging the outfit.  It looked like she dug through Katy Perry's closet before hitting the stage.  I like her better the more I hear from her, but most definitely not my favorite.  She tends to get a little out of control at times I think...that may or may not be a good thing.  I think if she toned everything down she might have been better.


Jackie certainly looked like she was having fun singing...but I wasn't *satisfied* with the performance. It was all a little weird for me, a little indulgent. I do like Jackie though...this was just too much for me. The judges seemed to have love for her, except for Simon who I agreed with.



She was not good, dude. More like Jackie Tone-deaf! Or Jackie Groan. From the trashbag pants to the yelpy, untrained shouting that she unleashed on an unwisely-chosen Elvis song, the complete package of what not to be for Idol contestants. Great job. Way to be a cautionary tale. Enjoy your complimentary earphones on the plane ride home.