The first round of 12 to perform for the judges. They're singing against the odds for the top male and female spot -plus the third best and the wild card slot.

Tonight was the first time America got to vote for contestants.





Yes and already, the fans are annoyed...okay, Daphne is annoyed.  They put all but one of my favorite contestants in one group, and put them up against "Golden Boy Gokey".  The only contestant in this group I long to see fail is of course Tatiana.  I like too many people here.  I hope to see Anne Marie and Anoop in the top 12 somewhere, because they are my favorites, but I don't know if we will see my hopes fulfilled.


I totally agree with you on this group, I was surprised by all the people they put in the first 12 for only 4 spots. Well, at least we're not alone Daphne.  We have Artie and Dancer X joining us.




Sup, fans?  I have to join in with Daphne here.  I have a few issues too.  I hate the way they set up the show so Seacrest's interview with their loved ones was interrupted by the arrival of the performer to their seat. Annoying, disjointed, and distracting. Please fix this before next week Idol producers.  Second, I love Kara. Even when I disagreed with her, I enjoyed her input. And because of that, I can't tell you how many times I fast-forwarded the DVR through Paula's comments. The calculated attempt by the producers to rid themselves of her crazy rambles continues, right on schedule. When you plop Paula next to Kara, it's like you're looking at a normal, productive person sitting next to a funhouse mirror that renders the insane image into an equally nutty personality. Everybody enjoy Paula while you can, cuz she's on the way out, y'all.  Third, I'm already tired of everyone being compared to previous Idol contestants. "You remind me of Kelly Clarkson."  And finally, what the heck was with Neil Patrick Harris hangin' out with Ted Freakin' Danson?

I think Doogie Howser just needed a drink from Sam Malone at Cheers.