On his catch and touchdown run: "It was one of those plays where we got single coverage with the linebacker and anytime you're lined up against the linebacker, singled up, you have to try to take advantage and Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was able to hit me. It was a run. We were able to run the ball a little bit against those guys. We didn't get a lot of chances, as far as the running backs. The offensive line did a great job blocking."

On whether he needed that touchdown play to get back some confidence in himself and his ankle: "Not really. Really, I was confident of the rehab that I've able to do. I was confident in myself going into the game, so I didn't really need one play in particular to say that I was more confident in my ankle and my knee and all that. I was just waiting to touch the ball. Just really waiting to get the opportunity to touch it.

On whether he was happy about the number of times he was used in the game: "It was different from the previous six years, or six, seven years or so. It just worked out that way today. I guess it's one of those things that I have to learn how to do a little bit better."

On whether he thinks he will have the same number of touches going forward: "I'm not sure, I guess it's really up to [Offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and Coach [Andy] Reid, as far as [how] they want to use me in the future."

On what his touchdown play may have done for people who had doubts about his ability: "Hopefully people still understand that I can still do those types of things. Hopefully if I get some more opportunities they can see that a little bit more. I can still be a very dynamic player in the NFL, there's no doubt about that. I just have to go out there and get the opportunity as well."

On how WR DeSean Jackson, TE Brent Celek and RB Jeremy Maclin are stepping up and how that can create opportunities for him: "We have a lot of playmakers on this team. [TE] Brent [Celek], [RB] Jeremy [Maclin], [WR] DeSean [Jackson], [WR] Jason [Avant], [RB] LeSean [McCoy] guys that can make plays, even [FB] Leonard Weaver, that can make plays. So anytime a defense has to prepare for that many guys - wide receivers, tight ends and other running backs - it's going to be tough for them to really stop everybody and so really I think [that] if we had more opportunities running the ball, we would have been able to expose them a little bit more as far as the different defenses they played. But we didn't get those chances today. The receivers had a great game. Anytime you get one receiver with however many, 150 yards or whatever Jeremy [Maclin] had, that's a great game."

On the impression Donovan McNabb's performance made on him today: "I think Don[ovan], he played tough. Of course I'm sure he's still a little, little, hurting a little bit from his injury, but he played tough. He stepped up in the pocket, took a couple of shots. He threw the ball well. We're excited about it, I'm excited about this team."

On whether it was hard to get into a rhythm having only ran a few rushing plays: "Anytime that you're expecting to run maybe 30, 35 plays in the first have and you only run almost 20 plays, it's hard to get in the rhythm, especially when you're scoring on long pass plays early on in the series, like we did with [WR] Jeremy [Maclin]. So it's definitely hard to get into the rhythm, but you love to score. You love to put points on the board and it's going to be games that we are going to have to battle like that, like we did in the first half. We battled penalties, we battled. Really it's tough for our offense to get into a rhythm when you're like that. But there's going to be games like that and we have to weather those storms as well."

On whether he was in communication with head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder throughout the game because of his ankle: "No. Not at all."

On whether it was important for him to mention Tampa Bay's record and the fact that the Eagles were coming off a bye week to the younger guys: "It was important for us to go out there and play our game, execute our game. I think we were a little rusty and that caused a lot of those penalties early one. But it's important for us to go out there every single game and handle ourselves. It's not so much what the defense is doing, but for us to go out there and do our thing - catch the ball, run the ball, throw the ball down the field, play good defense and special teams. We have the ability to do that as a team and if we do, we'll be fine."

On how it felt to get back on the field after his injury: "It has been effective in the past. I know it's something that defenses definitely have to prepare for. Hopefully it'll be more effective than it was today in the future."

QB Donovan McNabb Press Conference 10/11/09

On how he felt about his performance in his first game back from injury: "I felt pretty good. I knew it would kind of be a slow process, didn't think it would happen as fast as it did with that first touchdown. When you step away from the game for a couple weeks, you just want to get into a rhythm and get your feet under you a little bit. Offensively, I thought we did some really good things. Some things, obviously, we've got to clean up, but whenever you look up at the scoreboard and see that you were able to win it, it makes it a lot easier watching film the next day to prepare yourself for the next opponent."

On how long it takes to get his timing back after sitting out a couple games: "Well, our practices are kind of up-beat, so you get a good feel of game tempo, but it may take a quarter, it may take a couple plays, it all depends on the rhythm that you get early. It could be a deep ball, it could be an intermediate pass, whatever it may be to kind of get things clicking. It just so happened to be the deep ball for the touchdown that really got us going on offense. We weren't able to run that many plays in the first half -- I believe we had 20 plays in the first half. In any offense, that's really kind of odd, because normally you run about 35-40 plays, and you contribute to them, obviously, being out on the field and being able to execute different plays, but I thought in the second half after that first series, we were able to get some things going, moving the ball downfield and coming out with points."

On how he felt physically throughout the game: "I felt pretty good. In this whole process, it's going to take time. I was able to move around and be very effective in a lot of different things we were doing, pick up some first downs with my legs, so it's always good to do different things like that."

On whether he had any concern with how the first hit he took would feel: "Not at all. I've been in this game for a while, and you just want to protect yourself as much as possible, but you don't even want to think about it and limit yourself in what you're doing. You just want to play the game and let it flow for you. After that first hit, I kind of shook it off and just moved on to the rest of the game. The offensive line did an excellent job today of just giving me time to go through my reads and get the ball to the open guy to give him an opportunity to make the play."

On whether it is difficult to gauge this year's Eagles team: "It's difficult for anybody to know where they're at right now. I've been in this game for a while where you've seen a lot of teams come out hot, and everybody's saying they're the best team in the league, and all of the sudden they don't make the playoffs and things don't really work out well for them. I think, for all of us in this league, this is a time when you're gauging the different players that you have, and what you can do in the offense. Quarterbacks are getting comfortable with the guys around them, running the offense, [and] knowing what they're seeing. Running backs [are doing] the same. [Defensive] coordinators are trying to come up with what blitzes are really the blitz that they want to use in certain situations, and what they want to take out. I think in this situation, it's an opportunity for us to get adjusted with one another, with the receiving corps, with the tight ends and running backs, so that by mid-season and toward the end, we're hitting the thing rolling."

On whether he thinks the first two offensive plays -- scrambling for a first down and then throwing a long touchdown pass -- show how far he's come in his career: "[The] thing that I've been working on throughout the years is just pocket presence. Watch old films, and the Dan Marinos and the John Elways -- the older guys -- then you watch some of these other guys who are kind of from my era, the Peyton Mannings, the Tom Bradys, the Carson Palmers -- the list goes on -- it's not about running all the time. It's about buying time for your guys in the pocket, and having that trust in the guys up front that they'll be able to hold their blocks. That's something that I try to incorporate into my play, and I did that today. I was able to use my legs to let the defense know that obviously that can happen, and also just trying to step up and buy time in the pocket to deliver to the guys."

On whether this game will be a memorable one for him after putting up big numbers coming off an injury: "For me, it's just another game, a game that I can feed off of going into next week. You just want to go into next week feeling either better or the same as you did last week, and know what you're seeing and be able to react to it. Like I've said, there are going to be times where the offense hits a wall, or whatever may be, but we know [with] the type of talent that we have, that with one play or maybe two plays we can get this thing rolling pretty much right where we want to go with it."

On the lack of spread formations on offense: "We had some empty packages, spread some guys out and [got] guys on mismatches. You don't want to show your hand every time you play. I think, for the offense that you've seen with [QB Kevin] Kolb in there and when [QB Michael] Vick comes in, they're different wrinkles. And believe me, we have a lot more in store for what we want to do this year. I think it's important that you get that rhythm and get everything adjusted for the base package before you can throw anything else out there. I think that we're at a point right now where our base offense can be very effective. Now we can open up the door a little bit for more things to present to defenses. Today, we didn't open it up as much. As the season continues on, we'll throw some different wrinkles in there and see how it goes."