If you haven't ventured out yet this morning, you are going to be in for quite a shock.  The combination of cold and wind, making some places feel like it's below zero.

The cold is biting and the wind is almost crippling.  Right now, the temperature is low but that is not the biggest factor.  It's the wind, some gusts up to 40 miles per hour, making some places feel as low as negative one.  It's also that wind that is causing some power outages in the area.

The high winds took care of this tree along Old Chickies Hill Road in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster County.  The tree literally came down from its roots.  Because of the low clearance and the fact that the tree is lying on power lines, crews were forced to close the road until they could get back in and cut the tree out.  

Really, it's the wind that is making the situation so miserable.  We passed a couple of outdoor thermometers driving along Route 30 and the temperatures read 16 degrees and 12 degrees.  Of course that is cold enough but combine that with the heavy winds and you have a recipe for some cold temps.  We caught up with one guy walking who says sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

"How do I keep warm in this weather?  Keep my hands in my pockets, put my neck and I'm on my way.  You walk faster?  I walk a little slow," said James French.

Surprisingly, the high winds haven't caused too many power outages across the area.  Both PPL and MetEd reporting scattered outages.  According to PPL, only 97 customers are in the dark right now, 88 in Bucks County and 9 new ones in Dauphin County, in the Susquehanna Township area.

MetEd is also reporting some scattered outages in the region.  According to the companies website, they are dealing with outages around York Haven, York County, the Gettysburg area, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County and Palmyra, Lebanon County.

Considering the strong winds, the outages really have been limited.  It seems obvious, but bears reminder.  If you don't have to go outside, don't.  If you do, bundle up.  It won't take much time for your skin to freeze.  In fact, it only takes a few minutes at 23 degrees or lower before frostbite can set in.