People who live in Palm City Park in South Annville Township, Lebanon County got quite the scare this weekend. Police say 35-year-old Gary Harris was high on bath salts and acting erratically.

"He was going door-to-door banging on doors screaming incoherently outside. We received numerous calls from residents," said PSP Sgt. Paul Gaspich.

Police say Harris was paranoid and hallucinating when they arrived at the park. He quickly became combative and it took over three minutes for several troopers to subdue him.

'They used the taser and it did have some effect on him, but not what we're use to seeing when we deploy the taser," said Gaspich.

One trooper was injured during the fight and will probably be kept off the streets for a few weeks as a result of his hand injury.

The recent rise in the synthetic drug is also catching the attention of state lawmakers.

"They really are something that should be taken seriously. It's state-wide and we really need to move on this issue quickly because it is something that is affecting a lot of people," said Senator Elder Vogel of Allegheny, Beaver and Lawrence Counties.

Sen. Vogel is hoping to pass a bill that will make bath salts illegal in Pennsylvania and carry steeper penalties if caught using them.