An Alabama man is recovering from 2nd and 3rd burns suffered after he was attacked and set on fire in Gettysburg.  The 46 year old Tuscaloosa man had been hiking the Appalachian Trial when he walked into the Borough just before 1 o'clock Thursday morning.

While walking along Baltimore street a small blue car with three men and two women drove past. Someone in the car yelled to him about being homeless.  The man yelled back and turned off Baltimore street to avoid a confrontation. The people in the car caught up with him at the intersection of Court and Levan Alley's. One person in the car held a cup and threw a flammable liquid onto him. A second person then threw a lit match igniting the liquid.

The hiker suffered burns to his face, hand, arm and scalp. His clothes and backpack were also burned. He was rushed to Gettysburg Hospital where he was treated and released late Friday afternoon.  Members of the community are providing the unidentified hike with shelter and other needs. The investigation into the incident continues.