Tonight edition of Idol announced the next three of the top 12.  Those spots went to Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Jorge Nunez.  Also the judges announced 8 people to compete for the last three spot in the top 12, as the Wild Card picks.  Those people are Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Ricky Braddy, Megan Corkrey, Tatiana Del Torro, Matt Girayd, Jesse Langseth, and Anoop Desai.  Here are our Idol Experts to tell us what is on their minds after the show.


I have to admit I was really curious to see how Scott would do with a dance routine for the group singing number. He didn't have to worry about a whole lot of movement, but he still did a pretty good job. I'm not surprised the Lil made it in...I am surprised that Idol cut the drama and just called her up first. Scott went up against Kendall for the next spot, once again no surprises -I can't wait to see what they do with him in more difficult dance numbers. Ju'Not went up against Jorge and this could have gone either way, but it went with my prediction of Jorge (I'm three for three). On to the wild card picks...
Von makes sense, but I'm not sure if he'll last. Tatiana wont be picked, they just wanted to add some extra drama. Jasmine has potential, but I don't know if there's enough to her. Matt could go through with a good vocal, but I think I'd rather see Ricky. Jesse is a def maybe. Megan seems like a shoe in, as does Anoop.

Who thought a Katy Perry song could be turned into something that you would hear in a high school musical?  I hate group numbers.  No matter what the song is, they always sound lame.  Lil Rounds was the first to get through.  They got to her as quickly as possible, because there was no doubt in anyone's mind that she was in the top 12.  Scott was another not so big surprise.  Then they brought it down to Ju'Not (the person I wanted to get through), and Jorge (the person I figured would get through).  And of course it was Jorge...but wait!  There is still 20 minutes left in the show...we have wild card announcements.  Okay, so I was getting really annoyed that they weren't saying Anoop...but eventually they got to him.  Saving the best for last I see!  I am a little annoyed by the selection of Von Smith, Ricky Braddy, and Tatiana Del Torro.  Neither Tatiana nor Von deserve another shot in my opinion.  Ricky maybe, but I can't really remember him, and I am sure no one else can, so why put him through it?  I think everyone else does deserve another go.  Disappointed that Nick Mitchell was not chosen....but I got Anoop back so that is okay.  I hope to see Anoop, Megan, and Jesse continue on...but who knows, that Jasmine Murray could get back into the groove of things and knock Megan out of my dream team line up.

Seems like the top vote getters were not even a debate. Jorge, Lil, Scott. Notice how they all performed at the end of the show!
Dancer X had two nailbiters during the show. First, the Ju'not versus Jorge standoff. Dancer X would have been fine with Ju'not getting in, but Dancer X was pulling for Jorge. (Dancer X is more than a little surprised that Ju'not did not even rate a Wild Card slot!)

The second nailbiter was Anoop's entry into the Wild Card mix. They saved him for last, perhaps specifically because they knew his voting tally was close back in the first group of twelve. So they knew he had fan support, and therefore made us all sweat over him getting a second chance. For his part, Anoop seemed just as dazed and confused as the rest of us.
And what a bunch of junk in that Wild 8! Megan Corkrey, Jesse Langseth, and that horrible horrible train wreck Tatiana del Toro? And then the Forgettable Four of Braddy, Murray, Smith and Giraud? Insane. If Dancer X has to pick the three from that motley crew, it's Anoop, Jesse and Von. And Von will be out in Round One.

First off, let me say that I'm glad I was wrong about the Beard choice. AND I still said that Jorge deserved to make it through, in one form or another. And DUH... Lil made it. That being said, on to the Wild Card calls...
These choices are terrible. Where's Ju'not? Where's Fiona? What is going on?!?
What the H is Matt Girard doing on this list, after what he did to that innocent little Coldplay song?!?
I do kind of get why they let that spotlight-grubbing trainwreck Tatiana back in but cold-shouldered Nick/Norman. Based on entertainment value alone, they were neck-and-neck. But Crybaby Del Toro has the edge because she can actually sing. So I get that.
I totally don't get Jesse's appeal, even though I guess she's okay, vocally. Just not my deal.
Artie has a tough time remembering Ricky, but I think I liked him, sorta. Good enough to get through at this stage, now that he isn't up against the likes of Gokey. But, keeping that in mind, if he gets the green light through to the Dirty Dozen, he will have to go head to head against the Golden Boy again.
I'm okay with Corkrey's nod, but I don't expect to see her get chosen because a lot of people are hating on her right now. I still dig her, though.
They must have a lot of blind confidence in Von and Jasmine. I just don't see it, because Vonage really phoned in his vocals. And Jasmine must've had one more rub of the lamp to get her back in the competition.
Thank goodness for Anoop, y'all. If I could, I would give Anoop all three spots and be done with it. Because, despite anyone who might not think he's worth all the hype, I think he is.