Captain Jeremy Coleman of Lebanon stands stoic in front of the men and women he is in charge of.
But the brave face goes away and a smile replaces it when he thinks about his new family.

"This is my second time over (in Iraq) but it'll be the first time as a newlywed. So it's the first time to be apart from the wife," he said.

His wife is anticipating some big changes in about 6 months.

"We're expecting our first (child) so it'll change a lot. It'll be a little nerve racking. He won't be home to see the birth," Elizabeth Coleman said.

Thursday's departure ceremony at Lebanon Valley College is the last time some families will be together until next year. Bus shuttled the men and women from the gathering. One bus headed straight to the airport. Two others went to Fort Indiantown Gap for the night. Friday the remaining soldiers fly out. They will all spend 3 months training before going to Iraq. But returning is what the new Mrs. Coleman is already thinking about.

"Him (coming home and) spending time with the baby and giving me a break," she said.