The storm system that brought over a foot of snow to the portions of the Tri-State area is slowly beginning to wind down. Heavy snow is tapering off to light snow showers and flurries and will continue to fall through mid to late afternoon. Roads will continue to be slippery in spots, as temperatures will not climb much above the low 20s for the remainder of the day.

Winds will continue to gust through this afternoon causing the snow that has fallen to blow and drift which will lower visibilities and continue to make driving dangerous. Some areas can see patchy ice reforming on roads as this dry and fluffy snow is pushed back onto roadways by the wind.

Overnight tonight, temperatures will fall into the mid to upper teens in the City and the single digits in the suburbs. Persistent winds will make wind chill temperatures feel at or below zero at times. People should dress in layers if the must be out tonight to avoid the possibility of frostbite.

However, later this week, temperatures will slowly rise through the 40s and be close to 50 degrees by the end of the week bringing a taste of spring to the Tri-State area.