A New York City taxi driver was arrested Monday after police say he raped a passenger at knifepoint.

According to authorities, Gurmeet Singh, 40, of Queens attacked, raped and robbed the unidentified 26-year-old passenger back in May 2011. The assault happened in the backseat of his yellow cab while in Williamsburg, cops said.

The woman had apparently been drinking and fell asleep in the back of the cab. When she woke up her hands were tied with a scarf and she was being raped at knifepoint at South 1st and Rodney Streets just off the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Undercover officers posing as Taxi and Limousine Commission inspectors were able to arrest Singh after pretending to meet with him over a job-related issue. According to the New York Post, the officers gave him a drink of water during the meeting, which he took -- leaving his DNA on the cup.

Singh, was charged with rape, robbery and sexual abuse. Detectives say after he raped her, he ran off with the victim's cash and cell phone.

Authorities placed Singh into custody after making a DNA match with forensic evidence recovered from the victim.

He is also a suspect in another rape in Harlem in September. The victim in that case caught the medallion number on his taxi and cops say that lead them to Gurmeet Singh.