WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY (PIX11) -- A YouTube video depicts the real-life nightmare that 30 straphangers experienced after they tried to take the elevator out of a Washington Heights subway station Friday.

The doors on the crowded elevator closed around 8:30 that evening, and the trip that riders thought would surely take seconds, lasted more than an hour.

As one man listened to his headphones, many others tried to make conversation to pass the time.  “What’s your favorite song?” one young woman asked the others. 

Without air conditioning the elevator grew increasingly hot, and a woman can be seen vigorously fanning a young girl seated on the floor of the elevator.  Along with the heat, the girl then began complaining that she had to go to the bathroom.

Then, with nerves strained, elated subway riders heard a new voice: “Hey listen, I’m going to come in with you guys,” said a firefighter who was on the roof of the elevator.  One trapped subway rider gratefully said, “’Okay, okay.’”

A ladder was lowered into the elevator and the riders crawled out, starting with the little girl.

One passenger was reportedly asthmatic, but none of people trapped on the elevator needed further medical attention after the ordeal was finally over.