Plaxico Burress" href="/topic/sports/plaxico-burress-PESPT001010.topic">Plaxico Burress did not crawl back to the New York Giants" href="/topic/sports/football/new-york-giants-ORSPT000197.topic">Giants today, begging forgiveness after serving a two-week suspension that included Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Yes, he showed up for work in the morning, lifted weights, and ran with teammates. But he said he had no regrets about the situation that left the team without their most dangerous receiver for a game and offered no promises that it would not happen again.

"I didn't lose any sleep over it," he said. "I got me some rest. I was able to get away for a little while, chill out and relax. Things like that happen."

Burress was suspended on Sept. 24 after he missed team meetings on Sept. 22, the day after an overtime win over the Bengals, and did not return phone calls to the team on that day. With the Giants having a bye last weekend, the two-week suspension was in reality a one-game suspension. The National Football League" href="/topic/sports/football/national-football-league-ORSPT000007.topic">NFL Players Association and the NFL Management Council agreed to cut the lost salary from two weeks to one week late last week.

Burress said he missed the meetings because he "ran into some family issues as far as taking my son to school and things like that." While he did not divulge details, he made it sound as if there were other circumstances and said he considered it to be a family emergency.

"The situation I had to deal with that morning as far as my son, I made the right decision," he said. "I don't have any regrets about the decision at all."

Burress also said he would make the same decision again.

"Maybe I would have put a phone call in, but as far as things like that, I'm always going to put those things first," he said. "That's one thing people have to understand. I don't have any regrets over it."

The Giants won their game without Burress, 44-6, on Sunday. Domenik Hixon, who replaced Burress in the starting lineup, caught four passes for 102 yards and a touchdown in the first half before he left the game with a concussion. Quarterback Eli Manning" href="/topic/sports/football/eli-manning-PESPT008423.topic">Eli Manning, playing without his favorite target, posted a career-best passer rating of 136.6.

"They were really clicking out there," said Burress, who watched only the first half of the game. "They ran the ball really well, from what I saw. They were very efficient. It's good to see the guys play well."

Burress is expected to play next Monday night against the Browns in Cleveland. Coach Tom Coughlin, who met with Burress on Monday morning, said Burress will likely return to the starting lineup.

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