NEW YORK, December 10, 2008 - PIX 11's Marvin Scott, Senior Correspondent for The PIX News at Ten, Jill Nicolini, PIX Morning News personality and PIX cameraman David Kimmel are going to Iraq where they will celebrate "A PIX Christmas in Iraq" and spend the holidays with Tri-State area soldiers. The PIX news group will depart for Iraq via Kuwait Airways December 16th on a mission aimed at bolstering the morale of servicemen and women far from home for the holidays.  From Kuwait they will be flown by the military to Baghdad. Marvin Scott, Jill Nicolini and Dave Kimmel will be traveling to Iraq with the support of Jeep.

After similar holiday visits to Iraq in 2004 and 2006, Scott and Kimmel were so moved by their visit they began planning their return, and after months of coordination, they received military clearances and an invitation to be embedded with the 133rd Quartermaster Company, an Army National Guard Unit made up of some 130 members mostly from New York City's five boroughs.  Among these citizen soldiers are firefighters, police officers, and teachers. The news team also plans a brief visit with other New Yorkers who make up the 3142 Assault Helicopter Battalion in Baghdad.

Beginning Sunday, December 21st, Scott and Nicolini will broadcast live twice daily for PIX Morning News and PIX News at Ten. They will tell soldier stories and show how they live and work at a military outpost in northwestern Iraq.  The troops will be given the opportunity to send greetings, via satellite, to their families back home. The broadcasts will air through Christmas day. Additionally, PIX will create a 30-minute special sponsored by Jeep that will air Saturday, December 27th at 10:30 p.m.

As part of "A PIX Christmas in Iraq," the news team plans to bring taped greetings from Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg along with a taste of the Big Apple. Once again, Nathan's Famous is providing the hot dogs, H&H is sending bagels and cream cheese, and Juniors is donating plenty of cheesecake. DHL Express, which has supported the two previous trips, will fly the delectable cargo directly to the base. Scott and Nicolini will present DVD players and other gifts to the local soldiers during a Christmas Eve reception, and they'll hand out pre-paid phone cards for soldiers to call home, provided by AT&T. In addition, the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) is sending over more than 100 GI Teddy bears that sing "God Bless the USA" With the Jewish holiday of Chanukah coinciding with Christmas this year, Scott and Nicolini will observe the period with the traditional lighting of the menorah candles.

"It's a lot of work and a lot of traveling," Scott says, "but it's all worthwhile when at the end a soldier shakes your hand and with a big smile says, 'thank you.  Your visit truly made a difference this holiday.'  I'm energized by it because it's not that often in this business we get to tell such positive, uplifting stories and to show our support of our courageous men and women of the military."

"Many soldiers from the Tri-state area are serving in Iraq and we wanted to express our gratitude for their dedication and service. Providing a taste of the Big Apple and some comforts from home is the least we can do to thank the men and women in our Armed Forces," said Karen Scott, PIX News Director.

Jeep is proud to sponsor Scott and Nicolini's trip to Iraq. Jeep is an avid supporter of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, both at home and abroad and has long been an integral part of our nation's fight for freedom. The Jeep brand: born of American ingenuity and tested in the heat of battle in jungles, deserts and battlefields of World War II.  Jeep's commitment to those who serve continues with numerous programs for those overseas and when they return home.