Tension is mounting within the group, according to one of the original organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The organizer who asked that his name be witheld says many of the original protesters have left because a lot of the people joining the protests now don't even know what the protest is about. He says they have a large number of people who come to "have a vacation in New York, stay in one our tents for a night or two drink and party and then go home and brag about being part of the movement."

He says others have collected money on behalf of the protesters but taken the money for their personal use.

During the interview the organizer was repeatedly interrupted. First, a man who claimed to have been in the park for 37 days started singing "Revolution" and said " a revoloution is what this is all about."

He even went so far as to say the original organizer didn't know what the protest was about. Another man interrupted saying he wanted to get the message on TV.

All of this left the original organzer frustrated and telling us the protesters have to get back to the origial message but that may be to late and very hard to do now.