A New Jersey teen who's battling leukemia for the second time asked Taylor Swift to go to the prom with him and his invite is blowing up on Facebook and Twitter.

Kevin McGuire goes to Sterling High School in Stratford. His sister created a Facebook page, to rally support for her brother. She hopes Taylor Swift sees the page and accepts the invite.

Right now, there are 70,000 supporters. So far, no word from the pop star.

As for Kevin, he is currently in the hospital.

His classmates are selling t-shirts in his honor, and giving the money to his family. We're hearing other schools in the area are asking for order forms as well.

It sounds like Kevin has a lot of support behind him! Hopefully, Taylor Swift agrees to go with him!

If you'd like to support his Facebook page, CLICK HERE.

There's also a change.org petition going on that you can CLICK HERE to check out.