NEW YORK (WPIX) -- More information is emerging about the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson

The New York Daily News reports Richardson was not taken to the hospital until nearly four hours after she hit her head during a skiing accident. Officials at the Mont Tremblant ski resort have said the 45-year-old actress was taken to the hospital after about one hour.

The first paramedics to arrive were turned away after Richardson declined treatment.  But according to records obtained by the New York Times, the same medics reported seeing the 45-year-old actress briefly from a distance sitting on a stretcher. The medics said Richardson was not laughing and walking off her fall, as a resort spokeswoman had said.

The discrepancy raises new questions about whether Richardson could have been saved had she been treated sooner. She died from an accumulation of blood between the brain and the skull. Richardson died Wednesday, two days after hitting her head on the "bunny slope" while on vacation with her two young sons.

This, as the London Daily Telegraph's web site is reporting Richardson's mother, legendary actress Vanessa Redgrave, sang a lullaby to her daughter in the final moments of her life. The 72-year-old stroked Richardson's face as she sang "Edelweiss," from the musical "The Sound Of Music. "Edelweiss" is the same song Redgrave performed at her daughter's first wedding to Robert Fox in 1990.

The Daily News reports Liam Neeson, Richardson's husband, Redgrave, and Redgrave's other daughter, actress Joely Richardson, joined other family members and close friends at the American Irish Historical Society on Fifth Ave. in New York City for a wake for the actress.  Published reports say she will be buried Sunday near the family's country home in the Town of Washington in Dutchess County.