On the same day that suburban soccer mom Anna Gristina went before a judge on charges of running a high-priced Manhattan prostitution ring, Kristin Davis, the self-described most famous Manhattan Madam, told PIX11 News that the arrest was wrong, even though Gristina, she said, is a less-than-perfect employer.

Davis, 36, owned the callgirl agency that led to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer's downfall. Davis also ran for governor herself in 2010 on the Libertarian ticket. She said that she has enough experience to know that Gristina's arrest is all about politics.

"We used to say in the business," Davis told PIX11 News in an interview, "In big election years, the governor's race and presidential race, those are the times to be as low key as possible. Somebody's always looking to make a name for themselves."

Davis says that the Gristina arrest is an effort by the Manhattan district attorney to prove himself as a prosecutor of sex crimes. "Why is Cy Vance, who couldn't get a conviction for [Dominique Strauss Kahn] cracking down on a woman who's providing a service for two consenting adults?" Davis asked. Vance also did not get a conviction against to NYPD cops charged with sexually assaulting a woman while they were on the job.

The former madam calls Gristina's arrest and court case showboating by Vance and other politicians who she says are moralizing. She calls the situation two-faced, and points to another politician, a famous former client, as to why.

"In the state of New York," she said, "Eliot Spitzer changed the law so that [the crime of] a man frequenting a prostitute is no longer a misdemeanor, it's a Class E felony. What happened to all the men? Why are we not prosecuting all the men?"

Davis says the double standard also extends to the $2 million bail set for Anna Gristina's felony in the third degree, the lowest felony level. She compares it unfavorably with bail for Jason Itzler, the self-proclaimed Pimp King, who's also currently under arrest for running a prostitution business. He'd served 18 months for the same crime, and other felonies, during the 2000's.

"He's a horrible man who's sitting in jail, a five-time felon, and his bail is $200,000," Davis said to PIX11 News, comparing Itzler with Gristina. "Now this woman is deemed a flight risk. She has four children. Where is she going to go?"

Even though Davis, who served four months in Rikers Island and two and-a-half years probation for her promotion of prostitution conviction, says that while Gristina should not be treated by the legal system the way she is, she also has criticism about Anna Gristina herself.

"I know from girls we shared in common, she wasn't the best person to work for," Davis said, and she later showed PIX11 News a Facebook message she had received from one of her former callgirls, Irma Nici, who has claimed to have had soccer superstar David Beckham as one of her clients. The Facebook message said in part about Gristina, "She only gave us 25 percent of the receipts," when the industry standard is for the madam to split money from clients 50-50. Davis said that a typical rate for one of her callgirls was $2500 per night.

She also pointed out that since Gristina is only facing a third degree felony, it may be a good indication that no underage prostitutes were involved in the operation that the Orange County mom is charged with running. However, Davis said, "They'd have to get the underage girls to come forward [if there are any]. It's still the first indictment. More things could come."

For now, though, she said that the entire situation involving Gristina specifically and criminalizing prostitution is about shaming sex, which she says is wrong.

"[Right] now we need a scapegoat for this crime, and she's it."