So anxious for New York Mets season tickets that $80,000 isn't too much for you to pay?

The special trustee handling the bankruptcy of swindler Bernard Madoff's corporate assets has two season tickets, in a box right behind home plate, that he wants to unload.

These tickets for the 81 home games on the Mets' schedule are said to be in a very good location and cost Madoff about $80,000, said attorney David Sheehan, the lawyer for trustee Irving Picard.

In an e-mail to Newsday Monday, Sheehan said Picard's office is in negotiations with a potential purchaser but is willing to hear from others.

The Mets' Web site said individual game tickets can be purchased for as little as $19, with season tickets in the Sterling Level, right behind home plate, going for as much as $18,225. Sheehan didn't say why the Madoff tickets list for so much, and Mets officials were unavailable for comment.

The pair of Mets tickets are among the various assets Picard is trying to sell off to scrape up money to pay back some of the estimated $50 billion to $65 billion investors lost through Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

Madoff will never be in a position to visit the new Citi Field since he is in a jail cell following his March 12 guilty plea to securities fraud and other charges.

Madoff will be sentenced June 16 and is expected to get an effective life sentence.