A 4-year-old American citizen thrown in the middle of a messy immigration dispute will be returning back home to her family in Brentwood Tuesday after she was sent to Guatemala several weeks ago.

Emily Samantha Ruiz was supposed to return to New York with her grandfather following a planned trip where she visited extended family in Guatemala. When her guardian was detained at U.S. customs for pending immigration violations, both grandfather and U.S.-born granddaughter were sent back to the Central American nation.

The family's attorney, David Sperling, flew to Guatemala this past weekend to escort the child back home to New York. In a statement issued to the media through the immigration-advocacy group America's Voice, Sperling lashed out at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

"For the CBP to refuse to help reunite a terrified, 4-year-old U.S. citizen girl with her parents is disgraceful and shameful," he said. "This should never happen to any child, and certainly not to a U.S. citizen."

A press conference on Ruiz's arrival is planned for Wednesday morning.