Dee Rivera is aka as "VITAMIN D" is a speaker and relationship coach who likes to give as she calls it "straight like tequila", her no nonsense approach has changed women lives and renewed and restored their hope in themselves and believe in LOVE again!

Dee is a philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur who believes in encouraging women to "LIVE DELIBERATELY" & LIVE ON PURPOSE", she is the author of "Chick Flick Love Volume I: Lessons and Myths on Love from the Best Chick Flick Movies"

MOVIE: "10 Days To Lose A Guy": Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey

ChickFlickLove Chapter: "10 Ways To Lose A Guy"

Avoid the following:

* Over Texting

* Allow the Guy to Hunt and pursue

* Be a Good Listener....Let him ask the Questions...

* Keep the Cookies in the Jar-Dont giveit up too soon......Let him be invested 1st


MOVIE: Sex And The City" Sara Jessica Parker & Chris Noth

ChickFlickLove Chapter: When Mr. Big Is A Big Problem

Lessons: When is it time to say Godbye...if its a breakup its because it broken.....

Do not go down the Food Chain in a Relationship...From Friends With Benefits...To Booty Call

Don't Allow the Mr, Big in Your Life to come in and out of your life and do not allow him to use your time.....

Avoid the following:

* Call you last minute to setup time

* Do not allow him to use your precious time and talk about life unless he is your man

* Avoid the " He is just in a tough place and figuring things out".........cut him off and let him figure out himself and find himself without you being the cushion in his life and in the picture....if its for you he will come back!