NEW YORK (WPIX) -- It's not every kindergartner who gets to be serenaded by a pop star on their 6th birthday, and there was no way Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child was going to miss this child's party.

Little Jasmina Anema is in the fight of her young life. She was diagnosed six weeks ago with a rare and deadly form of leukemia and has been at NYU Medical Center ever since, her mother constantly by her side.

"A few weeks later she did have chemotherapy and the hair was falling out and the whole disease becomes a reality," Jasmina's mother Theodora Anema told PIX News. "It's just something I wouldn't wish on any parent."

She knows the only hope for her daughter is a bone marrow transplant.

"Its urgent and so far that chemotherapy alone will not cure this leukemia so we have a great challenge ahead of us," said Jasmina's doctor, Dr. William Carroll.

Making it tougher to find a donor match is that Jasmina is adopted and has no sibling. Plus the number of African Americans listed in the national donor network is considerably low, and so both Rowland - and pop sensation Rihanna - are trying to get the word out.

A bone marrow drive is set for Saturday at PS 41 in the Village where Jasmina goes to school.

The singer is doing all that will be asked of anyone who signs up - she's simply swabbing her cheek for a DNA sample - the results of which will be put into the registry.

"Everybody should come out for her," Rowland told PIX News. "Her innocence is the fact that she's not done."

Those who want to help can also order a do-it-yourself bone marrow test kit from