President Obama's speech was about job creation.  But, if you're unemployed now, what can you do to find a job? Career Consultant and Author of "The 10Ks of Personal Branding" Kaplan Mobray stopped by with details.   

1. Tax Cuts for Hiring Unemployed Persons

President Obama: Companies who hire people who have been unemployed for over 6 months get a tax break
What it means for those looking for Jobs: Companies will be on the lookout for "Boomerangs". Those who they let go but would love to have come back.
 What should you do?
·      Contact your most recent employer or former boss and ask for information on new job opportunities at your previous employer.
·      Post your resume in the job database of your recent employer to be considered for new opportunities
2. Additional resources for Education, Infrastructure, Veterans, Long Term Unemployed
President Obama: The American Jobs Act will bring increased resources for Education, Veterans, Construction, Long term unemployed
What it means for those looking for Jobs: For the first time a gap in employment may work in your favor.
 What should you do?
·      Post your resume online where teaching jobs exist to take advantage of potential new openings.
·      If you are a veteran you should focus on joining professional networking communities and beefing up your resume to highlight your status.
·      Consider looking for jobs with local and state agencies to apply your skills to infrastructure opportunities.
3. Additional resources for Job Training and Extended Unemployment Insurance
 President Obama: Act will provide extended unemployment insurance benefits while funding job training programs to help long term unemployed to sharpen their skills
What it means for those looking for Jobs:  More relief is on the way for long term unemployed to fund their ability to look for jobs.
 What should you do?
·      Research your local and state job training resources to access resources like resume writing, career coaching, and networking opportunities to help speed up the process of getting back to work


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