Hurricane Sandy is rapidly approaching the Tri-State area and is expected to bring destructive storm surge, heavy rains, and gusty winds. We will continue to see conditions deteriorate as the day goes on.

By this afternoon we can expect winds to increase to near tropical storm force strength sustained at 40-50 mph with gusts of 60-70 mph. Also, heavy rain will overspread the entire area bringing 2 to 3 inches for NYC and Westchester, and 4 to 6 inches for Central and Southern NJ.

By this evening, the worst of conditions will be felt over our area. Winds will continue to hold near 50 mph with gusts increasing to 65 to as high as 80 mph. Also, we will experience the next high tide cycle which will bring record high levels to some locations, especially Battery Park and Western Long Island Sound. Heavy rains will cause inland rivers to flood as some will rise over their banks.

Overnight, the conditions will slowly improve as the center of the storm passes onshore over NJ. Winds will slowly diminish to 35-45 mph and the heavy rain will gradually subside.

We will still have the possibility of moderate coastal flooding through Tuesday's high tide cycle. This will still be a dangerous storm for the first half of Tuesday and will have to continue to be monitored closely.