A mother from the Bronx is outraged that her five-year-old daughter with special needs was left at school all alone on Monday and she said the school did nothing to tell her about what happened.

Marilou De Los Santos panicked Monday afternoon when her daughter Elizabeth didn't come home from P.S. 68 in the Bronx.

She was especially worried because Elizabeth has autism. Marilou frantically called her daughter's bus driver Rosa, the bus company, the Office of Pupil Transportation and her daughter's school.

Finally, she found out that Elizabeth was at school all along; she was left there after her bus didn't pick her up.

"Why did the school, having the 5-year-old sitting in the office, nobody took the time to let me know," Marilou said. Because of the incident, Marilou said her daughter will not be going back to P.S. 68, and she plans to find her daughter a different school.

Marilou wanted to know how this could have happened. So, she turned to PIX 11 for help.

PIX 11 called her daughter's bus driver Rosa, but the bus driver hung up. Next, she tried the bus company; then, she left a message for the school's Principal – and called the Office of Pupil Transportation. Finally – she spoke to Margie Feinberg –the spokesperson for the Department of Education.

Feinberg told PIX11 that the Office of Pupil Transportation has launched an investigation into what happened – and she also said the bus driver and an escort have been disciplined.

So far, the school has yet to comment.