Many people who suffer food allergies are afraid to travel - in fear that they may have an attack. But don't let your allergies take over your life. Dr. Clifford Bassett, medical director at allergy and asthma care of ny gave us some important tips on traveling allergy free.

Tips for Food Allergy Sufferers - Keep safe food and snacks with you, especially if you encounter delays during traveling (keep in your "carry on") - Call ahead to airline to learn of their policies if you have a family member with peanut or nut allergies, to reduce risk - Bring wipes for tray table and surrounding areas if airline/train serves peanuts or other foods that you are allergic to – again to avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations - Learn how to read food ingredient labels (Be a label detective), when in doubt throw it out ' - Bring foods for first day's meals - Carry a "chef card" or food allergen restaurant ingredient list of items you need to AVOID - Be aware of "cross contamination" of food allergens in restaurant and while traveling - Plan all meals ahead of time - Wear an "medical identification" bracelet or keep a "wallet" card listing food allergens - Make sure you are traveling with an epinephrine auto injector if one has been prescribed for life threatening food allergic reactions - Be aware of the early signs of a food allergic reaction

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