NEW YORK - If you were planning to save your pennies rather than fly home for Thanksgiving, the airfare gods just might change your mind. It seems there's a perfect economic storm raining last-minute deals on thrifty travelers.

According to Genevieve Shaw Brown, Senior editor with Travelocity, "In recent weeks we've seen the average price of a domestic ticket around Thanksgiving come down $11."

In wake of a spoiling economy, AAA predicts air travel will drop by 7 percent this Thanksgiving, prompting carriers to scramble to fill empty seats.

"It does make sense. The weaker demand is going to force the airlines to lower their prices to drive more customers," Brown says. "The airlines want a paying passenger in every single seat."

To get the cheapest seat you have to be flexible. A trip from New York to Los Angeles can cost as little as $309, if you leave the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, instead of the Wednesday, and then come back the following Monday.

President Bush is also hoping to keep your flights on time, by once again opening some military airspace for holiday travel.

The President announced Tuesday that he's expanding the Thanksgiving express lanes this year to include military air corridors in the Midwest, the Southwest and the West Coast. That's in addition to the East Coast corridors, which were also freed up
for holiday traffic last year.

The one holiday hiccup for ticket holders is the emergence of a la carte fees. Airlines are now charging for meals, headphones, window seats, even the privilege of speaking to a human phone representative, and don't forget cash for each piece of checked luggage.

After a mammoth New York shopping trip Gina Willingham and Lori Grawunder have to pay fees for 7 checked bags.

"I'm thinking it's $25 a bag but I'm not sure," Grawunder told WPIX.

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