CALVERTON, N.Y. - Emergency crews who were called to a Long Island residence to help rescue an extremely obese man, were forced to cut a hole into the side of his mobile home to free him.
57-year-old David Schock tripped and fell in his Thurm's Estates home Friday, but couldn't reach a telephone to call for help until Sunday, nearly two days later.
Upon finding Schock, Wading River fire officials determined the man, estimated to be more than 600 pounds, was too large to remove through the front door.
Firefighters removed one of the home's walls with saws and backed an ambulance up to the opening, First Assistant Chief Andrew Donnelly told Newsday.
In addition, he said it took nearly 10 firefighters to hoist Schock onto a custom-built wooden backboard designed for large people.  
"We did our best in all honesty to not damage this guy's house," said Donelly.  "He definitely wasn't coming through the door."
Schock was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital.  His condition was not immediately available, but officials confirm he has been admitted.
Neighbors say Schock mainly stayed to himself, and that his health had deteriorated recently.  They say he was normally spotted getting around the neighborhood on a wooden box with wheels.